68 pages, color covers, glossy paper, offset print.Thank you for support!!

68 pages, color covers, glossy paper, offset print.

Thank you for support!!

Page break is almost done!

Page break is almost done!

Welcome to Pure Nothing Worship web page!

Pure Nothing Worship is Serbian magazine. It will promote only bands that we listen to and respect [choice of artists is completely subjective] as long as they’re suitable for the zine that would concentrate in bands/projects playing any kind of dark music [Dark Ambient, Doom, Sludge, Death Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise, DSBM. Black Metal and similar]. Pure nothing worship will contain 68 pages on which would be interviews, reviews, columns etc. [A5 format, color covers, glossy paper, black/white offset print.]

Contact: fromfuneralskies@NOSPAMyahoo.co.uk  [remove NOSPAM]

List of participants for first issue is:
Canaan / Eibon Records

Richard Ramirez / Deadline Recordings
Bizarre Uproar / Filth & Violence
Nadja / Broken Spine Productions
Sun Devours Earth
Stoned Jesus
The Rita
Bad Sector
Mikko Aspa / Freak Animal
Theologian / Annihilvs
Sektion B / L. White
Corrosion Of Conformity

More news soon!




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